Dentist Clinic

Functional planning followed a minimalism concept ensuring neat spaces overall. Meticulous understanding of the necessities for a modern day dentistry and orthodontics, was the crucial point in deriving a layout specific to the machinery, equipments and lighting requirements.

Careful consideration was done with the designated zones to conceal the services provided. The choices for colour and material palette gives a completed look of a clean, vibrant and well-lit place.

Restroom Doors

The aim was to break the monotony of a typical plain door. Turning the doors into an interesting element was the fun part of this restroom designing. An ingenious way to deliver the message of proper bathroom etiquettes with the help of amusing and sensible quotes. A resourceful example of how creativity can go beyond the box of functionality and requirements.

The Deck: (inside spaces)

The contemporary interior was designed to ensure a warm and earthy feel of the home. Earthen tones formed the colour palette with semi permeable partitions used to separate the spaces harmoniously. All furniture was designed and customized to fulfill the user requirements; recycling existing materials ensured the economical factor along with the uniqueness. The overall concept of Repurposing and Redesigning was implemented by using wood salvaged from the fallen rainforest trees and rosewood trees from south India, and many wooden elements from the client’s previous home. The custom-made light fixtures were strategically placed around the house, to bring the whole interior design to an artistic harmony

Bath Linen Holder

A product was born in a perplexity where the existing dynamics of the structural system was to be adapted to re-activate, re-furbish, re-novate, re-conditioned and re-modeled. Such existence ideated to form and understand the usability and the anthropometrics in the given container. The proportions of form and function was encapsulated in our mind in accordance to the specific brief. The reciprocal relation between client and us opened out towards the post existing environment.

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